Litios® Light Crystals

These crystal and ascension energies are a great gift of Lightlord Metatron and the Ascended Masters for the New Age. They guide, accompany and assist you in the ascension process.

Love Pearl

Pearl of Grace

Shakti Pearl

Shiva Energy Pearl

Guardian Angel

Octagon Pendant

Elf Scarf

Dolphin Pendant mini

Crystal Pendulum

Crystal Card

Crystal Star

Love Pearl - Earrings

Crystal Heart small

Crystal Heart large

Elf Pearls

Ashtar Tag

Flower of Life - Pendant

Angel's Pendant

Dolphin Pendant

Evolutionary Spiral

Unicorn Pendant

Dragon Pendant

Mirror of Amenti

Pyramid of Initiation

Prism Sphere

Aura Healing Disc

Merkaba Sphere

Lotus Sphere

Elf Sphere

Unicorn Sphere

Dragon Sphere

Dolphin Sphere

Ashtar Sphere

Flower of Life Disc small

Gate of Ascension

Merkabe Sphere large

Flower of Life Disc large

Ashtar Sphere large

Gate of Ascension large

Melchizedek Wand

Evolutionary Wand

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