Aura- and Chakra Clearing, also available for animals;
Releasing of blocks and external influences in the energy flow;
Redeeming of karmic blockages;
Harmonisation of houses, work spaces, landscapes;
My lightwork is also available from the distance via phone or skype.

Unicorn Seminar:

Excerpt from the channeling by Unicorn Deva "Sarai-Ala", channeled by Kyrie Deva, Antje Eisele:
“Beloved Brothers and Sisters of Light, this is the Unicorn Deva Sarai-Ala from the Rainbow Sphere and the Crystal Sphere. An energy of love, which has been unknown for thousands of years, is now flowing onto Earth and thousands of unicorns are also coming through this channel. Those energies are rained upon this Earth like stars! We bring a bright tail of star glint and mystify everything that we touch with the finest stardust. The whole surroundings are saturated with the gleam of the stars and the luminescence of the Rainbow Sphere. A wonderful vibration is spreading. Wherever we touch the Earth, new life arises…”
Unicorns, the purest of the pure, are shimmering white horses who have ascended into the 7th to 9th dimension of the angelic realms and they assist our journey by touching those who are ready with theit radiant horn of spiralling light.
Sense the unicorns again and give them back their place in your heart. Communicate again with them, connect yourself with their energy and let them touch your soul and your heart from their vibration.
I would love to bring you in contact again with these wonderful lightbeeings.

Date: current dates on request
Time: 10am – 4pm
Location:   The Barn, Hillside Farm,   Cockering Road, Chartham,   Canterbury, CT4 7LH
Energybalance: £40
Registration is required: or 07825 880250

Invitation Litios 1&2:

These seminars will open you up the world of Crystal Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and all the other loving Lightbeings. Our wish is that you discover your own power, your own divine "I Am" presence and connect with your own heart temple.

Litios 1: The Crystalline Light Body:

Lightlord Metatron and the Ascended masters activate your Crystal Light Body – simple, effective, crystal clear.
Seminar Content:
Introduction of the Litios Light crystals for the New Age; Raising the light vibrations in the aura: clearing, transforming, inspiring, releasing; Bathed in the Light of Angels, the lightness of being, being carried; Releasing blockages and manipulations; Removal of external energies and influences; Activation of the Unified Heart Chakra; Being in the golden universal flow; Ascension process within us and for the whole planet
Meditation and channelings with the Archangels and Ascended Masters
Litios 2: The Crystalline Light Temple:
Lightlord Metatron and the Crystal Angels build up a crystalline Light Temple with you. You feel new born in the Light of Angels.
Seminar Content:
Learning to dowse with a pendulum: dowsing with Angels serves to expand your awareness and helps you to come in contact with your spiritual guides; Sensing energies and practical exercises; House harmonization and energization: flooding rooms and houses with light, love and energy; Your Crystal Light Temple; Dowsing the vibration of the aura and the chakras; Laying of Light crystals on the Chakras
Meditation and channelings withArchangels and Ascended Masters

Date: 2 days, 10am - 6 pm,  current dates on request
Seminar Leader: Karin Dokters
Location: The Barn, Hillside Farm, Cockering Road, Chartham, Canterbury, Kent, CT4 7LH
Registration required: Karin Dokters or 07825 880250
Energyexchange:  £138,00 incl. handout, snacks and tea

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