Ashtar Tag

The lightful Star Brothers and Sisters of the higher vibrating races of light from the "Intergalactic Confederation" will connect with you in great joy. The Star Brothers and Sisters help you to activate your Light Matrix and ignite the spark of your higher light consciousness. They reactivate your personal cosmic roots and ray connections to all suns, stars and planets of light as well as your Light Body Process. You will be lightfully accompanied and your spiritual journeys will be intensified.


High quality, crystal clear glass tag with 3 lasered starships inside,
delivered as key chain with LED light

Crystalline energization and initiation

Length of the tag:   1-3/8 in. / 35 mm
Total length:   4-1/2 in. / 11.5 cm

Price:  £ 51

Spiritual Potential:

  • Key chain for contact to the higher vibrating races of light and to the lightful Star Brothers and Sisters
  • Light Matrix of the star family
  • Activates the Divine consciousness matrix of the cosmic brothers and sisters of light in your aura
  • Your crystalline light body will radiate in highest purity
  • The brothers and sisters of light from your star family accompany you
  • Programmings and manipulations from dark extraterrestrial energies will be cleared, released and dissolved
  • A protective field, an activated field of light, surrounds you
  • Lightful accompaniment for spiritual and earthly journeys
  • Harmonizes technical radiation of all kinds (e.g., electro smog) in rooms or in your aura

Possible Uses:

  • You may take the Ashtar Tag with you, e.g., clip it to your clothing or attach it to your key ring. You may also use it for meditations - simply put it on a chakra or hold it in your hand and connect with Adonai Ashtar and your star family. Go into silence, ask for activation and experience the light of transformation …
  • You may also energize, harmonize and protect cars. Take it along on your journeys and create channels of light and connections to the Star Brothers and Sisters anywhere on Earth.

Excerpt from the Channeling:

by Metatron and Adonai Ashtar:

This Ashtar Tag will activate and ignite the Divine consciousness matrix of the star brothers and sisters of light within you. Wherever you go or stay, this supreme consciousness matrix will be activated and rekindled. The highest light will be ignited in your Light Body, as you are connected with the Star Brothers and Sisters of light from sophisticated planets, stars and suns with high vibrations that have already entered this state of evolution with the entire consciousness of their planet.

It consistently kindles this supreme Light Matrix within you – again and again. You are surrounded and accompanied by such blissful stellar beings - it is entirely individual depending on your origin and belonging to your specific, individual star families of light, the source from which you originally sprang. These are your star roots to which you are eternally connected.

It is a wonderful gift, a Divine gift from Adonai Ashtar, who is as radiant as the sun. This tag shall be named: "The Light Matrix of the Star Family" and it shall create a protective field, an activated field of light around you. It is particularly suitable for all kinds of journeys.


Channeled by Antje Kyria Deva Eisele, Litios

Especialness, Karin Dokters - The Barn, Hillside Farm, Cockering Road, CT4 7LH, Canterbury, Kent

E-mail: | Tel. +49 173 5474216


© Litios

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