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The Flower of Life Disc creates a mighty window to the higher light dimensions. Lay it on your heart chakra and the mighty angel custodians of this crystal glass will help to awaken your perception and your lightful abilities in a protected space. It opens light windows in your aura. At the same time, it closes holes, gaps or tears in the aura through which your life force and energy can escape. Your aura once again feels perfectly harmonious, round and soft flowing. Missing energy is returned, surplus energy is balanced out. You feel the inner balance.


High quality, brilliant coloured glass with AB coating
Design: Angel in Flower of Life
Comes with wire to hang on windows, walls or ceilings

Crystalline energization and initiation

Diameter: 120 mm / 5 in.
Thickness: 4 mm / 3/16 in.

Also available in 240mm / 10 in. size and 8mm / 3.5" size

Note: The production process allows for minor variations in the colour layer.

Available in 2 colours:
blue / violet
red / orange

Note: The production process allows for minor variations in the colour layer.

Price:  £ 161

Spiritual Potential:

  • Establishes a mighty window of light to the higher light dimensions
  • Serves as a valuable teaching instrument to expand your perception and lightful abilities
  • Enhance visions and spiritual seeing and increases your intuition
  • Harmonizes and seals energetic holes in the aura
  • Erects mighty walls of light in buildings and protects against technical or spiritual radiation
  • Harmonizes and closes low vibrating dimensional holes and abysses in buildings.

Possible Uses:

  • For meditation: lay the crystal disc on your heart chakra and simply let yourself be led by the angels.
  • For buildings: Hang it on windows, walls or on the ceiling, wherever you detect there is radiation coming in and ask the associated angels to provide the optimal activation of the crystal disc. A mighty wall of light is established and protects the building. You can hang down the crystal disc temporarily if you wish to meditate with it.
  • For energy work: it is good for working in clearing energies from the aura. Use it to sweep out extraneous energies.

Excerpt from the Channeling:

from Lightlord Metatron:

I am Metatron, the Radiant One and I open a mighty window of light into dimensions that no human has ever looked into, light dimensions of the highest potential, the highest level and in unknown spheres, galaxies, in the outskirts of the universe but also in light universes outside and above the physical-material frequencies. In this protection of light, you can open and expand your perception. You can feel completely secure, for these light windows open themselves only to the highest dimensions of light.

If you let yourself fall, you can feel assured that mighty angels will accompany you and will teach you to open and expand your perception on all levels. It ignites in you the light abilities of the Holy Spirit, the gift of grace of the Holy Spirit. Gifts of grace from the Holy Spirit are handed over to you on the level in which you work, in your time and space. And so your higher senses will be trained and guided and opened once again step by step. Every time when you meditate with this Flower of Life crystal disc, an elevated perception is opened within you, a window of light that prepares the path for wonderful experiences in the light, leading you back to your abilities, to the golden inheritance of God that you have carried in you since the beginning. Your divine potential opens, expands and reactivates itself. The light connections to the Masters, to the matrix, that now teaches, guides and leads you, is activated.


Channeled by Antje Kyria Deva Eisele, Litios

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