Elf Scarf

Experience elves and fairies bringing you the magic and enchantment of their kingdom – this magic expands to creation and your aura, it is just like gold dust in the air. They direct the Powers of Creation to the kingdom of nature, and the elements and elemental beings will comply. They know the divine plan for each plant and send light, love and energy to nature and to you.


Coloured cotton cloth, pure cotton
Hand wash – the colours may rub off

Crystalline energisation and initiation

39 in. x 39 in.  /  100 x 100 cm

Available in 7 colours:
cream, gold, orange, ruby red, pink, emerald green, indigo blue

Price:  £ 24

Spiritual Potential:

  • Key to the Elf and Fairy Kingdom, its magic and enchantment
  • The energy and magic of the elves and fairies are transferred to people, animals, the whole creation
  • You are accompanied by elves and fairies
  • The healing power of the kingdom of nature lies at your feet
  • Intensify your connection to the kingdom of nature
  • All materials coming from nature regain their original energy
  • Elves and fairies communicate with the consciousness of your organs
  • Connect you with the Rainbow Sphere and Mother Mary and stabilize it

Possible Uses:

You may hang the Elf Scarf in your bedroom or put it underneath your bed. You may also use it for pet accommodations. It is excellent for all natural materials: food, beverages, clothes, furniture, body and skin, pain ...
also for covering or hanging in your wardrobe, wrapping it around you and wearing it.

Excerpt from the Channeling:

by "Oberon", the Master Elf:

This is the Master Elf Oberon in connection with the power of the Elohim. We radiate the light of magic and enchantment from the higher dimensions onto the entire elf and fairy kingdom, we fill the air with it. We hand you the key to the elf and fairy kingdom, the magic and enchantment of our kingdom. You may call this scarf: "Magic of the Elf Kingdom", for wherever it is, in which room may be, it entails this magic. We powder the air, the aura, with elf dust and gold dust. And we, the elf kingdom, do indeed change the face of the Earth.

When we tell a plant: Grow here or blossom there, then it does ... We send for all luminous nature spirits – they bring us their gifts of grace and assist humans or animals in getting in touch with them. So the whole healing power of the natural kingdom lies at your feet and you may beneficially use it for humans, animals and creation.

We connect you to the kingdoms of nature – more love and understanding for the whole creation, everything evolving from creation, whether it be food or beverages, they turn into purest spiritual essences or whether it be the body of the animals, the skin as well as clothes and furniture made from natural materials – simply everything coming from nature is able to regain its natural state, and our magical, natural forces are able to do so. We have also access to the consciousness of the organs and are able to communicate with them, since they are affiliated to the kingdom of nature, the organ elementals in your body. They can express wishes or what they need, and we pass it on to them so that they are able to regain their original, natural power and radiance, their divine inner plan.


Channeled by Antje Kyria Deva Eisele, Litios

Especialness, Karin Dokters - The Barn, Hillside Farm, Cockering Road, CT4 7LH, Canterbury, Kent

E-mail: info@especialness.com | Tel. +49 173 5474216

German: www.especialness.de

© Litios

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