Dolphin Sphere

The Sirian dolphin devas connects you with the Primordial Ray of flora and fauna. They assist humans and animals in harmonizing and softening their emotions as well as their aura. The dolphin energies gently open up the gateway to your subconscious and help you to harmonize negative and suppressed emotions.

It opens your consciousness for the love to animals.

Animals remember their true nature and abilities – they will be included in evolution.


High quality, crystal clear glass sphere with 2 jumping dolphins lasered in the centre,
delivered with a stainless steel ring as stand

Crystalline energization and initiation

Saftey Information:
Warning! Do not place the sphere in direct sunlight due to magnifying glass effect. Do not plate on a burnable surface.

Diameter: 3-1/8 in. / 80 mm

Price:  £ 134

Spiritual Potential:

  • Pure dolphin energy
  • Gently harmonizes emotions
  • Harmonization and spiritual cleansing of rooms
  • Love for the animal kingdom
  • Being one with creation
  • Connection to all nature devas
  • For a good night's sleep and wonderful dreams
  • Very calming for children
  • Creates pure delight
  • Harmony and mutual understanding between animals and their owners

Possible Uses:

The Dolphin Sphere is wonderful for energizing and harmonizing rooms. It fills and floods rooms with its energy. Especially for rooms where children and animals reside. It is excellent for energetic work as well as for therapy rooms, humans or animals.

Excerpt from the Channeling:

of the Sirian dolphin devas:

We are the Sirian dolphin devas – we are gathering around you in large numbers. We are bathing you in a sea of light, an ocean of light. It is flooding everything around you and within you. You may let yourself go and allow your soul to soar free, you may leave everything behind. Simply submerge, regain your energy and enjoy a time out, as you call it, from your daily routine. Allow yourself to drift, to float gently and to be lulled to sleep. In your dreams we will accompany you to a land beyond all coldness, beyond any struggle, beyond any hardness, to a land of light and lightness.

We open your senses to this world existing beyond your horizon. Go beyond this horizon with us. We will carry you. Cross the threshold. And when you cross the threshold of your everyday consciousness, it will expand and you will flow in your emotions. When your emotions turn into Light, you will feel cozy and safe. You will feel accepted, uplifted, loved and embraced. You will feel embedded within the love of friends, brothers and sisters, who we are to you. You may let go, let yourself drift in the sea of emotions – as in reality emotions are like water. When your emotions are pure, gentle, harmonious, then you are able to let go; you may immerse in further dimensions of perception.


Channeled by Antje Kyria Deva Eisele, Litios

Especialness, Karin Dokters - The Barn, Hillside Farm, Cockering Road, CT4 7LH, Canterbury, Kent

E-mail: | Tel. +49 173 5474216


© Litios

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