Shiva Energy Pearl

Kyrie Shiva, a mighty Crystal Angel, raises the energy of transformation up to a higher level – from one dimension to another. The energy will be raised up to the microcosmos of the cells – gently transforming – shadows will be released or transformed. The Shiva Energy Pearls have the potential to trigger off a quantum leap within you. It is a cleansing bath for all your Light Bodies – the process of salvation – the ascension process is initiated.


High quality, finely polished, faceted glass,
comes with bail for hanging

Crystalline energization and initiation

Length:  1-5/8 in. / 4 cm
Diameter:  1/2 in. / 1.2 cm
Diameter: 1/2 in. / 1.2 cm 

Price:  £ 21

Spiritual Potential:

  • Highest transformational energy
  • Energy of transformation from one dimension to another
  • Transformation of karma
  • Potential of the quantum leap
  • Inner cleansing bath
  • The vibration will be raised on all levels

Possible Uses:

  • The Shiva Energy Pearl is a true multi-talent. It can energize your water and beverages – simply put it in a water pitcher or a glass and leave it for about 10 minutes. You may also try it in your bathwater.
    Excellent for hanging over the cooking stove, fruit bowl or in the refrigerator ..., hang it above the entrance or in windows in order to transform and illuminate all energies entering.
  • It assists you in the transformational process when you wear it as pendant in the aura.
  • It can be put on one chakra during mediations or you may take one Shiva Pearl in each hand – then the energy will flow through your hand chakras into all meridians and other chakras.

Excerpt from the Channeling:

This is a mighty Crystal Angel, and for you my name is Kyrie Shiva. I raise the energy of transformation up to the higher level, from one dimension to another. My transformational energy aligns you to the highest realms: elevates you stage by stage. You may call these water pearls: "Crystal Pearls of Shiva Energy" as they raise the vibration of all cells in your body stage by stage, transform it from one dimension to the next - gently.

Yes, "I shall transform the face of the Earth" speaks the Holy Spirit. The beginning is within you and shall expand to your quantum level. Your energy level shall be raised softly, stage by stage, and yet there are no stages – it is simply transformed into a higher state. Your vibration will be continually raised. In this way, shadows are gently released and integrated in this process.


Channeled by Antje Kyria Deva Eisele, Litios

Especialness, Karin Dokters - The Barn, Hillside Farm, Cockering Road, CT4 7LH, Canterbury, Kent

E-mail: | Tel. +49 173 5474216


© Litios

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