Photon Sun Wheel

You are connected with the Lords of the Sun, the Creators of Light, from the beginning of creation. They enwrap you in a sun-like aura of light and radiate the light of the Divine Sun into you. The warmth and this radiance awaken the awareness: I AM the radiant presence of God.


High quality, finely cut,
faceted zirconia with golden angel
comes with bail for hanging

Diamond energization and initiation

Diameter: 1-1/8 in.  /  28 mm   Depth: 3/8 in.  /  9 mm

Price:  £ 161

Spiritual Potential:

  • Attracts the light of the suns to your aura and rooms
  • Energy of the photons
  • The photonic light reaches the quantum level and enwraps everything in an aura of light
  • Connects you with the eternal Lords of the Sun: Aton, RA, Metatron
  • Connection with the Divine Primordial Sun
  • Strengthens and potentiates the light within you
  • You will radiate divine glory
  • Creates a sun-like aura around you
  • Awakens your Merkaba and your Light Body
  • The ability to absorb light will be increased to the quantum level
  • Supports the process of pranic nourishment
  • Helps you to better focus and manifest the Light
  • Your radiant, sunny nature awakens
  • Sadness and dispiritedness disappear
  • Amplifies and raises the power of light
  • Light from True Light in its purest, divine radiance

Possible Uses:

  • It is a wonderful pendant. You may wear it as an energy pendant for the aura or put it on your Heart Chakra or any other chakra in meditations. You may also hang it above your bed or in rooms.

Excerpt from the Channeling:

by Lightlord Metatron and Aton, Lord of the Sun:

I am the Sun God Aton and I am coming through and with Metatron into this room, into this time, clothed with the gold of the Sun. My symbol is the Sun.

I am pouring my sunlight onto you, filling you with the golden glow of the sun and you shall emit this radiance. It is radiating, shining and expanding, the infinite radiance of a sun – it pervades space, for the spiritual light is far more powerful than the physically visible light. The spiritual light pervades all matter and illuminates it. There is nothing but light.

Hence, light is embedded in every form, light is poured onto you and into every form which is real within you – into the cells, into the atoms – this sunlight is poured into everything and all your pores shall emit it – you shall radiate the glow of the Divine Sun. You are able to absorb this Light and to pass it on, to simply radiate it.

These Sunlight Wheels are like wheels within wheels – they hold the Merkaba energy – wheels within wheels opening the gates within you and the gate to the Suns of Eternity. We are the spiritual sons and daughters of the Sun, the Highest, the beings of the Sun. We are the radiance of God kindling the light in the universe, the spiritual light – as we do within you.

Be the Light from True Light in its purest, divine radiance. So pure and so radiant that no dark thought is able to present itself within you. So be it.


Channeled by Antje Kyria Deva Eisele, Litios

Especialness, Karin Dokters - The Barn, Hillside Farm, Cockering Road, CT4 7LH, Canterbury, Kent

E-mail: | Tel. +49 173 5474216


© Litios

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