Light Wand of Saint Hildegard


High-quality filigree glass tube with shiny gold or silver intermediate connector. 
A sphere with finely cut facets is attached to the upper end of the wand. 
In the hollow wand handle are five small cut glass beads that roll up and down in the wand when moved.

Crystalline energization and initiation

Length: 8 in. / 150 mm 
Diameter of sphere: 3/4 in. / 20 mm

Connector available in 2 different colours: shiny gold • shiny silver

Price:  £ 83

Spiritual Potential:

Experience the blessing energy of Saint Hildegard of Bingen and let her guide you!!

  • Bless water, drinks, food, supplements, medicines, nature etc. together with Saint Hildegard. Divine light and healing frequencies are transmitted.
  • Acts like a touch and an embrace of Saint Hildegard: The darkness leaves your physical and ethereal bodies and the light can return.
  • Gives you the subtle frequencies of medicinal plants and gemstones that can bring you healing frequencies on all levels.
  • Helps you to eliminate all that is low vibrating (everything that is toxic, decaying and causes illness) by holding the Light Wand to the respective parts of the body and letting it take effect.
  • Saint Hildegard has the authority to free you from external disease-causing energies.
  • Your physical cells vibrate energetically high and lose the resonance to negative energies.
  • Dissolves blockages in a flash and gives you light and healing frequencies that are useful to you at the moment.
  • When you meditate with the Light Wand, you receive inspirations from Saint Hildegard and develop an awareness of what is good for your body.

With this Light Wand, Saint Hildegard is with you, guiding and teaching you. She lets her light of enlightenment shower down on you and leads you to the purest knowledge.

Possible Uses:

Luminous guidance • energization of drinks, food, etc. • harmonious balancing of the energy body • transformation of energetic blockages • liberation from external energies • strengthening of your own energy field • ideal for travelling • ideal as a gift

Excerpt from the Channeling:

Saint Hildegard speaks about the Light Wand in an initiation channelling

My light is active in matter through these Light Wands and also in you. In that moment when you call me, I stand beside you in manifested form, guiding, directing and leading you. This happens with great care, tenderness and attentiveness.

These Light Wands bring - according to my powers of authority - well-being, health and healing power of heaven on all levels. They bring you the nourishment for your light body, which it needs so that it can heal. At the same time they give light nourishment for your physical body, the light frequencies and light information of all that your physical body now needs in healing power and nourishment.

This Light Wand leads specifically those light frequencies to you that enable you to enter into a healthy and healing cycle of creation down to the physical level.

The Light Wand also supplies you with the missing elements in spiritual frequency as light information. It works like divine homeopathy and very concretely.

With this Light Wand, you call my power of authority to you. Touch painful body parts with it. Touch your Root Chakra with it so that the immune forces are strengthened, and the self-healing powers are activated.


Channeled by Antje Kyria Deva Eisele, Litios

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