Diamond Shield

The illuminated Star Brothers and Sisters, the Intergalactic Space Brotherhood, joyfully connect with you. The Star Brothers and Sisters help you to expand your consciousness for the light communication and interaction with them. They create a protective light space around your technical devices to harmonize unnatural technical interference.

High quality, hardened glass with "Ashtar Star" inlay
Self-adhesive: backside as a strong, self-adhesive stick pad.

Diamond Energization and Initiation

Diameter:  1-3/8 in. / 35 mm   Thickness:   1/23 in. / 0.5 mm

Price:  £ 26

Spiritual Potential:

  • Erects a field of light, a protective room of light in the form of a sphere around your electronic devices
  • Harmonizes your electronic devices in that it filters out low vibrating radiation and clears them from your devices
  • Protects the electromagnetic system of your subtle energy bodies and your physical body from low vibrating interference
  • Promotes illuminated communication
  • Opens portal for illuminated communication and to the higher consciousness of the Star Brothers and Sisters
  • Promotes a more conscious handling of electronic communication technology
  • Learn to mast the technical communications age!

Possible Uses:

  • Stick on to electronic devices, eg. smartphones, computer casing, tablets, laptops. Remove the protective film off the adhesive pad on the backside and stick the disc onto an appropriate surface of your device. The disc is not transferable from one device to another, due to the strong adhesive foam pad.

Excerpt from the Channeling:

from Adonai Ashtar:

This is Adonai Ashtar with the Light technicians from the stars. We create a field of Light around your electronic devices. This is a field of diamond light, as a diamond is impenetrable, except for the highest of lights. This field of light immediately filters out any low-vibrating electronic radiation, manipulation or programming. The field around these devices is illuminated and harmonized by the Star Brothers and Sisters of Light. In addition, the surroundings near the Diamond Shield is harmoniously infused, as it erects a type of Metatronic firewall of light around your devices.

The Diamond Shield shows you can communicate more consciously and luminously amongst yourselves. It connects you to the light communications of the higher star races of light. It creates communication links with their star ships, and allows you to recognize the meanings of communications in languages of light. You may ask us: "Help me enter into an illuminated communication with all beings and systems of this Earth!" We filter manipulations, programming and disharmony out of the low vibration of electronic radiation. You may say: "I ask the Star Brothers and Sisters of Light to activate the Diamond Shield within my human field of consciousness down to the level of the microcosm within my body, and also within all technological devices containing this Diamond Shield!"


Channeled by Antje Kyria Deva Eisele, Litios

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