Diamond Earrings red

Lady Nady, also known as Lady SaNada, is the cosmic mate of Lord Sananda and gives to you her heart key through this Light Diamond. The lost Queen's Sceptre is given back to you. As the rightful, dignified Regent you return back to your inner heart throne from which you were displaced. The power of the heart of Lady Nada heals all abuse, violence, humiliation and debasement of the feminine in you over time and space. Arise out of the dust of the millenniums and return back to the inner paradise of the Goddess from which you were banished.  


Earrings with 2 ruby red zirconias
set in 925 silver, 
very exquisite, brilliant

Diamond energization and initiation

Length:   1/2 in.  /  15 mm
Diameter:  1/4 in.  /  6 mm

Price:  £ 51

Spiritual Potential:

  • The mighty heart key of Lady Nada, also known as Lady SaNada
  • The sceptre of the Queen's dignity is given back to you by Lady Nada
  • The beauty and loveliness of the feminine
  • Dignity of the feminine
  • Healing of the misused and humiliated femininity in you and through you on the Earth over time and space
  • Return to the inner throne of the Goddess and the Queen
  • The divine femininity awakens in you
  • The original purity and beauty is re-established
  • To elevate oneself above the human programming of man-woman
  • The purest love frequency of the Goddess
  • The power of love of the Goddess
  • The cosmic loved one
  • Healing power of love
  • Holy unification
  • Being and radiating unconditional love
  • Pure receptor of the divine
  • Purest devotion and inner opening of the heart temple.

Possible Uses:

  • You can wear and carry the Diamond Ring and Diamond Earring as beautiful, radiant jewellery, worthy of a queen, and experience the brilliance and radiance of heavenly beauty. Additionally the earrings help to balance the energies of the left and right brain hemispheres.

Excerpt from the Channeling:

by Lightlord Metatron and Lady Sanada::

Lady SaNada is carrying the healing power, the healing energy to heal the humiliation of women and to place the goddess again back onto her throne in the centre of the female heart.

It was this special Mastery, a master ability in her lifetime as Mary Magdalene to guide the dignity of woman, which was lying in dust, was becoming impure, back into her original purity and beauty.

She has arisen out of the dust and placed herself again onto the throne, which was given to her by God.

All women who experienced this may receive healing through Lady SaNada. All men who caused this may receive healing in their hearts, for through this humiliation and abuse, despising through violence, they despised themselves, delivered themselves to violence and so one drew in the other in the infinite wheel of karma.

She is his eternal cosmic beloved. She says to all women: Return to Paradise. Accept this dignity. She hands over the sceptre of the dignity of the queen to all women, gives it back to them and heals, cleanses and raises everything that is in context with the humiliation of the womanliness.

And so it is.


Channeled by Antje Kyria Deva Eisele, Litios

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