Avatar Diamond set


8 high quality zirconia diamonds in a set
colours: crystal clear, golden, pink, amethyst, emerald green,
sapphire blue, atlantis blue, ruby red,
finely cut and faceted,
delivered in a an elegant wooden box with high gloss finish

Diamond energization and initiation

Diameter:  1 in.  /  25 mm each

Price:  £ 1.600

Spiritual Potential:

Spiritual Potential of all Light Diamonds:

  • Being in connection with Lightlord Metatron, the Avatars and Goddesses of Eternity in the diamond light vibration
  • The all-seeing Eye of God will enlighten you
  • The divine diamond colour spectrum
  • Being connected with your Higher Self, your divine life plan
  • Diamond cleansing, alignment and encouragement
  • The Diamond Light Vehicle - the Merkaba - will be activated
  • The Diamond Light Body awakens
  • You will be infused with the holy Diamond Flames, your highest Divinity will be rekindled
  • You are the Divine Diamond
  • The jewel in the Lotus begins to radiate
  • I AM that I AM
  • The I AM frequency
  • Eheye Asher Eheye

Possible Uses:

Put on different chakras or in the energy bodies for meditations (e.g., place them in 1 m distance in the emotional body). You may form a circle around you or around a whole meditation group with these Light Diamonds. Hold it in your hand during meditation and let the energy flow. You may carry different Light Diamonds with you. Ask the Avatars for optimal activation.

The Avatar Diamond Set contains the following diamond light vibrations:

Avatar Diamond atlantis blue of Lightlord Metatron and Master of the Rays Maha Cohan
"Diamond Flame of Divine Talents and Abilities and the Inheritance of God"
Your divine heritage will awaken, your aspects of light will be activated, contact to supreme races of light and dimensions of light, being in unison with divine science, sacred geometry, primal laws and the ancient wisdom of the universe.

Avatar Diamond crystalline of Lightlord Metatron and Lord Maitreya
"Diamond Flame of the All-One-Consciousness"
Primordial Light connections to all Brothers and Sisters of Light and space from eternity, portal of grace, presence of All-Oneness, Eheye Asher Eheye, the diamond temple of God, the diamond matrix of the Avatars, the all-seeing Eye of God enlightens you.

Avatar Diamond pink of Lightlord Metatron and the Primordial Goddess Mother Mary
"Diamond Flame of Unconditional Love, Unconditional Forgiving and Grace"
Frequency of the Primordial Goddesses, energy of karma redemption, highest frequency of grace, chymical wedding, union of female and male principle, complete forgiveness at all levels.

Avatar Diamond emerald green of Lightlord Metatron and High Priestess Isis
"Diamond Flame of Rebirth and Re-Creation"
In the temple of the Goddesses, Goddess frequency of love, compassion, beauty, radiance, harmony, re-creation and rebirth, the Goddess within you will awaken.

Avatar Diamond golden of Lightlord Metatron and Lord Sananda
"Diamond Flame of Bliss and Resurrection"
The golden flow of plenty, wealth and abundance of the universe, frequency of salvation, supreme grace, dissolves the karmic energy matrix, gate of resurrection within you, the golden Heart Temple, the golden light aura of the Ascended Ones.

Avatar Diamond amethyst of Lightlord Metatron and the Master of Light St. Germain
"Diamond Flame of Eternal Life down to the Cellular Frequency"
Frequency of eternal life also at the cellular level, ego transformation, highest transformational energy, transcendence into Divinity.

Avatar Diamond sapphire blue of Metatron, High Priest Melchisedek and Archangel Michael
"Diamond Light Sword of Melchisedek and the Fire Letters of God"
Diamond cleansing, alignment and clearing of all entities, diamond radiance of the prana tube and energy bodies, pure and divine intention, the Fire Letters of God will be ignited, being connected to God’s almightiness.

Avatar Diamond ruby red of Lightlord Metatron and Babaji, the Enlightened Master
"Diamond Flame of Primordial Creation down to the Cellular Frequency"
The infinite wisdom of the creator in matter and at the cellular level, mastering corporeal creation, activation of the Kundalini power, the holy White Cobra will arise in the Root Chakra, above and below are one within you, potential of manifestation and creation.


Channeled by Antje Kyria Deva Eisele, Litios

Especialness, Karin Dokters - The Barn, Hillside Farm, Cockering Road, CT4 7LH, Canterbury, Kent

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