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You will enter the energy of the holy diamond flame and the temple of High Priestess Isis and the Goddesses – you will be surrounded by the Council of Goddesses and feel the divine presence of their diamond flame – the Goddesses' energy awakens within you – your cell consciousness will be continuously activated at a higher light frequency – divine harmony will be transferred to your consciousness and down to the cellular level.


High quality, finely cut,
faceted zirconia diamond in sapphire

Diamond energization and initiation

Diameter: 1 in.  /  25 mm

Price:  £ 233

Spiritual Potential:

  • Entering the temple of Goddess Isis
  • Being connected with the light frequency of the Primordial Goddesses
  • The holy diamond Flame of Love of rebirth and re-creation will be rekindled within you
  • Transfers the highest frequency of light, healing and grace even to the cellular level
  • The Goddesses' light frequency of love, compassion, beauty, radiance, harmony, re-creation, rebirth and grace will be activated within you
  • Everything that is dying or is without hope will be reborn
  • The Goddesses' power of love awakens re-creation and rebirth within you
  • Awakening of the Goddess within you
  • Divine harmony also at the cellular level

Possible Uses:

  • You may put it on one chakra, underneath or in front of you during meditations. You may take it in your hand and let the energy flow, carry the diamond with you or put the diamond on everything that requires a new creation or rebirth.

Excerpt from the Channeling:

by Lightlord Metatron and High Priestess Isis:

So this diamond energy is filled with the power of creation, the power of rebirth that rests within the Goddesses – this power lies within them – they give you the key and they wish that the power of the Goddesses, their love, returns to this Earth; henceforth the Earth will be renewed, the entire creation will be reborn in their love and from their love, hallowed by the Holy Spirit, and it will again ascend towards the light.

The entire Earth can go through this gate of rebirth, therefore these Goddesses wish that they may awaken in the people's hearts and that their divine power, their radiance, their entire power of love and their energy of love reappears. Unimagined new creation – millionfold and billionfold – arising infinitely from the depths of the Earth waiting to present itself, to unfold itself as God planted the infinite creator seed into the entire creation, and it takes the love and energy of the Goddesses, their power and holiness to give birth to this creation, and to hallow the entire creation with this holy presence of the Goddesses' energy – yes, of the Primordial Goddess herself. Hallowed be this Earth when the Goddess returns pervading and illuminating everything, yes everything, with her love. It is bliss that will return to this Earth, this humankind.

Open your hearts for the love and holiness of the Primordial Goddess of all times, all worlds, all universes. Come, Universal Mother and hallow this entire creation, hallow us with your infinite, beaming Flame of Love – the Goddess has awakened within you – Amen, so it is.


Channeled by Antje Kyria Deva Eisele, Litios

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