Ashtar Pendant

The lightful Star Brothers and Sisters, the "Intergalactic Space Brotherhood", joyfully connect with you. The Star Brothers and Sisters help you to enhance your brain functions and to expand your light consciousness. They re-activate your personal star codes and ray connections to all suns and planets of light as well as activating in you the Heart Matrix of the Star Brothers and Sisters.


High quality, finely cut zirconia pendant
with "Ashtar Star" genuine golden inlay
and a single zirconia diamond in the centre
comes with bail for hanging

Diamond initiation and energization

Diameter: 3/4 in. / 3.3 cm
Depth: 3/16 in. / 4 mm

Available in 3 colours: crystal clear, dark blue, amethyst

Price:  £ 180

Spiritual Potential:

  • The Heart Matrix of the Star Brothers and Sisters will be activated within you
  • Unifying with the Light Council of the Star Brothers and Sisters and the Intergalactic Space Brotherhood
  • Diamond light connection to the Heart and Light Matrix of Adonai Ashtar
  • Downloading the current light plans of the Star Brothers and Sisters for this Earth to your aura and your consciousness
  • Increasing your light potential and light consciousness
  • Integrating your luminous star aspects
  • Redeeming negative extra-terrestrial karma throughout time and space
  • Establishing light channels for our planet Establishing channels to other stars and planets of light
  • Intensifying your spiritual journeys
  • Star light ships will contact you and create a Merkaba field of light around buildings
  • Activation of your personal diamond light vehicle, the "Merkaba"
  • Liberation and harmonization of all kinds of programs and manipulations from negative extra-terrestrial energies

Possible Uses:

  • Pendant for wearing in the aura or energy work. For chakra harmonization put it on one chakra. You may wear the Ashtar Pendant diamond thereby sending forth the bundled light and love frequency of the Star Brothers and Sisters. You may put it on a chakra for meditations. Excellent for the Third Eye and the Heart Chakra.

Excerpt from the Channeling:

from Adonai Ashtar:

We come from the unified heart of light of the star congregation into this time and space and bring you the cosmic brilliance of the stars.
It is a great honour to initiate this Ashtar Ray Pendant, to connect it with my Light Matrix and the Diamond Light Matrix of the Star Brothers and Sisters who serve this Earth.

The Light Council of the star congregation is a federation of ambassadors, master overseers and cohans who live on lightful suns, stars and planets and serve here. You would say: they are the chairmen of this Light Council. The cohan of a star or a sun is a master being of light that has reached and integrated the highest level of consciousness in that dimension. This master or lady master henceforth serves this Light Council of the star congregation with his or her supreme light consciousness. This council is responsible for the evolution and the ascension process of many worlds and dimensions.

When we, the Light Council of the Intergalactic Space Brotherhood, convene, we merge our hearts of light and our heart's intentions. In this way the unified heart of light of the star congregation comes into being. As the next step we invoke the presence of the all-seeing and all-knowing Eye of God, which ignites our unified hearts of light. The highest frequency of love, grace and blessing will be poured forth onto everything we direct and radiate our focus. And so we direct our focus on this diamond pendant and on everyone who comes into contact with it.


Channeled by Antje Kyria Deva Eisele, Litios

Especialness, Karin Dokters - The Barn, Hillside Farm, Cockering Road, CT4 7LH, Canterbury, Kent

E-mail: | Tel. +49 173 5474216


© Litios

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