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What are Light Crystals?
These crystal and ascension energies are a great gift of Lightlord Metatron and the Ascended Masters for the New Age. They guide, accompany and assist us in the ascension process.

Lightlord Metatron, January 2007:
I am activating the crystalline consciousness of light within you.

Lightlord Metatron, July 2004:
Just open your Heart Charka and welcome the crystal angels streaming into your plane, your dimension, through this Gate of Ascension, and feel the presence of the Divine.


Characteristics and effects:
"Feel the energy of the Crystal Sphere"

All Litios Light Crystals harmonise and energise our aura and rooms:
-they harmonise water veins, harmful earth radiation, fault lines
-they harmonise technical radiation, e.g., electrosmog...
-they energise water, food and beverages
-they create a protective field of light in our aura or in rooms and buildings
-they suffuse our aura and rooms with pure light energy

Litios Light Crystals are the energy of the New Age:
-they assist us in our personal and global ascension process
-they are purest pranic nourishment for our soul and spirit
-they connect us with higher dimensions of light
-crystal angels and masters accompany us
-we gain greater insight, clarity and purity
-they awaken the Divine within us
-our inner potential will burst out
-they activate our Mer-Ka-Ba, our light body
-they are renewing and revitalising
-they help us to transform old shadows
-we let go and feel the lightness of being.
All Light Crystals have a crystalline energetisation and initiation.