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Hand-hammered Tibetan Planet Singing Bowls
Out of the rich pool of Tibetan Singing Bowls, only some are chosen, and their frequency is measured with the help of a highly-precise frequency counter. Planet Bowls, when struck, create frequencies which are tuned in octaves to the frequency of their specific planet. This means that resonance is created with the corresponding planet. The vibration of the planetary bowl corresponds to the vibration of that planet, creating a particular effect. We can strengthen this effect and use it accordingly. The Planet Bowls are especially useful for healing purposes. It is possible, for example, to give a sound massage by placing one or more of the Planet Bowls on a persons clothed body. Then strike the bowls.
Using this method, the person will soon fall into a deep state of relaxation.

Please note: the sound is independent of weight and size of the planet singing bowls. We offer singing bowls with the weight of approx. 180 g up to approx. 3000 g on enquiry. Please contact us. Starting from 500 g you receive a mallet for free.

Tone of the planet                      psychological                                     Chakra                         Astrological
            Sun                          Spirituality, find your own center                          solar plexus                             Leo
     Moon (synodal)                       sensitivity, femininity                                     Sacral Chakra                      Cancer
          Mercury                           communication, intelligence                            Throat Chakra                    Gemini / Virgo
           Venus                         Love energy and strive for harmony                      Third eye                          Taurus / Libra
            Mars                         willpower, purposeful energy, impetus                    Third eye                               Aries
          Jupiter                             creativity, giving meaning                                Crown Chakra                       Sagittarius
          Saturn                   concentration and consciousness raising                  Third eye                               Capricorn
        Uranus                          inspiration, ability to regenerate                             coccyx                                  Aquarius              
       Neptune                            intuition and unconsciousness                            coccyx                                   Pisces
          Pluto                                   integration, profundity                                   Throat Chakra                         Scorpio
Hopi tone of heart                          depth of emotion                                          Heart Chakra                  fundamental tone of Hopis
  tone of the day                building-up energy, strengthening, dynamization      coccyx                                   Tone of earth
 tone of year (OM)                     relaxation, calm, equation                                Heart Chakra                 cosmic fundamental tone
Platonic tone of year       cheerfulness, clarity, connection to the cosmos        Crown Chakra                tone fo the Aquarian-Age