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Unicorn Essences by Melanie Missing
Enchanting aura sprays with the loving energy of unicorns and angels.
Unicorns come from the Garden of Eden. The essences bring us close to this wonderful place. Invite the unicorns back into your life; give them back a place in your heart. Commune with them once again and accept their loving help. In these times of great changes the unicorns are returning to us. Their mission is to help us humans with the fulfillment of our life’s goals, and to give us the strength and wisdom to face the changes coming our way.
My challenge from the spiritual world is to open the doors for the unicorns, so that they can be real close to you again. In these times of great changes, the unicorns come back to us. Their mission is to help us humans with the fulfillment of our life’s goals and to get us in line with the changes of our times.
I get humans in contact with their personal unicorns. I am guided by the unicorn herd of the White Brotherhood, and there especially by the Unicorn Sirius from the High Council of the Unicorns, that tells me what the unicorns want to achieve. I offer unicorn seminars and meditations. To reach a wider circle of humans, the Unicorn Essences were born. After an unbelievably positive reception and love for the unicorns, the Garden of Eden was allowed to come into being, namely, the Institute for Unicorn Energy. In my hometown Kassel in Germany, I, Melanie Missing (Essence Unicorning), and Linn Hammer (Meridian Unicorning) teach students to become Unicorn Energy Practitioners. Already many people have the opportunity to come in contact with the energy of the Unicorns and to work with it, too.